Jimmy Fallon Unveils New Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor on ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

As host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon had his own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, Late Night Snack. The dessert consisted of “vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl & fudge covered potato chip clusters.” It was a moderately popular flavor, but it was recently discontinued, largely because…well, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t host Late Night anymore.

But Jimmy is remaining a part of the Ben & Jerry’s family with his new, Tonight Show-themed flavor. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield themselves stopped by The Tonight Show to reveal the new flavor, which is sure to undo whatever progress its customers might have made towards realizing their New Year’s Resolution to shed a few pounds. Check out the reveal below along with a description of the new flavor:

The flavor consists of “Caramel & Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.” So yeah, it’s every bit as dangerously appealing as Late Night Snack, and is likely packed with enough calories to make you sleepy long before Jimmy gets to his first guest of the evening. That is, if you’re consuming The Tonight Dough while watching The Tonight Show.

But it’s also for a good cause, as all the proceeds will go to charity: namely, The SeriousFun Children’s Network, which has camps around the world for children who are seriously ill. So if you feel bad about packing on the calories, don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s for a better cause than just about any other splurge a person is likely to take.

Jimmy Fallon Unveils New Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor on 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

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