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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Divorce Rumors Heat Up After Reported Marital Issues

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not a happy couple right now – and it all goes back to son Josh Duggar’s infidelity that landed him in rehab.

A report from RAW STORY claims that it’s “far less rosy behind-the-scenes for ’19 Kids and Counting’ alums Jim Bob and Michelle” and “the couple has been ‘destroyed’ by their son’s actions”:

Jim Bob and Michelle’s marital issues reportedly stem from years ago when Josh, now 28, admitted to “looking at porn.” As previously reported, Josh also admitted to inappropriately touching several of his female siblings as a teenager. Michelle was said to be upset when Jim Bob and church leaders’ wanted to give Josh a strict punishment that would “appease God.” And while things went Jim Bob’s way then — Josh was sent to do physical labor following his admission — sources says Michelle is no longer doing what her husband asks of her since Josh’s return from rehab in March.

A source for the story however said that divorce is not in the cards since “it goes against everything she [Michelle] lives for.”

So I guess, after 32 years of marriage, they will live the rest of it in misery. I can accept that.

“19 Kids and Counting” was canceled last year by TLC when it was revealed that Josh Duggar was an admitted child molester and fans and advertisers boycotted the show.

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