Jessie J Sings ‘Bang Bang’ With Mouth Closed on Graham Norton Show (VIDEO)

Jessie J appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Saturday, and her performance on the show is just now going viral.

Okay, “performance” is probably a bit of a stretch, as it’s more of a quick snippet of a hidden talent from the singer. In brief, Jessie J reveals that, as a child, she discovered she could make herself sound like she was trapped in a box, by speaking through her shut mouth. She demonstrates this ability by singing a line from her hit song, “Bang Bang,” all with her mouth closed shut.

It’s an amusing clip, if nothing else, as Jessie J manages to sound better with her mouth closed than many singers do belting at the top of their lungs.

Check out the full video clip below:

Jessie J Sings 'Bang Bang' With Mouth Closed on Graham Norton Show (VIDEO)

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