Jeremy Clarkson Close to Signing Deal With Netflix for New Car Show

After getting fired by BBC and losing his beloved Top Gear, host Jeremy Clarkson is pursuing other options for the new car show he’s planning to produce. One of those options included setting up the series at longtime BBC rival ITV. However, a recent report by The Mirror reveals that Clarkson’s BBC contract is preventing him from heading to the opposing network. In fact, the contract prevents Clarkson from making a new car show on any UK network for two years. Worse, BBC is already moving forward with their revamped Top Gear with new host Chris Evans, a UK television and radio personality who’s long been with the BBC.

So where will Clarkson and co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond take their possible Top Gear killer? To a network that doesn’t adhere to the broadcast regulations of their respective countries: namely, Netflix.

“[The contract clause] means Netflix or Amazon are favourites to sign up the team,” says an insider. “There is a feeling that if they wait two years it gives Chris Evans a chance to get his new Top Gear show off and running.”

Of course, they could always just wait the two years and sign with ITV anyway, as the same insider notes that the network “made them a great offer.”

Jeremy Clarkson Can't Take His New Car Show to ITV, But Netflix Is Still On the Table

Credit: BBC

But Clarkson is reportedly pretty far along in the negotiating process, most recently hinting he was speaking with “Californians” about a possible deal. Of the three major streaming services, only Netflix and Hulu have headquarters in California, whereas Amazon is based out of Seattle. And since Hulu apparently hasn’t even been listed as one of the groups in contention for the new car show, this ultimately makes it seem as though Clarkson is pretty close to signing with Netflix. And it’s just as well. I mean, hell, Netflix already has damn near every episode of the Clarkson, Hammond and May seasons of Top Gear in their library. Might as well add brand new, original episodes and bring in a whole new sector of viewership. You’d be surprised by how passionate automotive enthusiasts can be about a show that caters to their love of cars. I mean, look no further than the ol’ Top Gear itself.

Now here’s hoping Clarkson doesn’t jeopardize things by going on any more profanity-laced tirades.

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