‘Jeopardy!’ Shakeup: Here Are the Guys On the Shortlist to Replace Alex Trebek

Although Alex Trebek isn’t expected to leave Jeopardy! any time soon, as the host has just extended his contract through the 2017-2018 season, the executives in charge are already looking ahead to his inevitable replacement, since it’s not as if the 74-year-old is going to be able to do this job forever.

The Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter revealed in a CNN Money article this week that the “mental, if not official, short list of potential successors” includes CNN’s own Anderson Cooper, TODAY host Matt Lauer. While both guys are gainfully employed at the moment, there’s no guaranteeing they’re going to want to be journalists/morning show hosts forever. If nothing else, Cooper is familiar with the franchise, having competed on Celebrity Jeopardy before.

Also on the list of candidates to replace Trebek are radio host Dan Patrick, who currently hosts the Sports Jeopardy web series, and former Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliott.

If it were up to me, I’d like to see Anderson Cooper get the nod. But really, I’d rather not think of a Jeopardy! without Alex Trebek at all. It’s one of my absolute favorite shows, and his classy, cool demeanor adds a lot to what is essentially, in my opinion, TV’s best game show. That said, I’d probably laugh myself into a fit if Will Ferrell somehow got the job, if even for just one week. His SNL portrayal of Trebek is nothing like the real thing, but his angry exasperation is hilarious, and it’d be kind of surreal to see him in the job. But really, Trebek is going to be a tough guy to replace, since he brings such an intellectual presence to the show, with razor-sharp wit to match. Not a whole lot of other people could have carried off this week’s single-contestant Final Jeopardy debacle with half as much charm as he did (see video below).

But who do you think should get the nod? Are any of these choices a good fit? If not, whom would you like to see on the list of candidates? Can anyone replace Trebek? Sound off in the comments!

'Jeopardy!' Shakeup Here Are the Guys On the Shortlist to Replace Alex Trebek

Credit: CNN

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