Jennifer Lopez Clarifies She Was Not Born A Man (VIDEO)

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez appeared on Watch What Happens: Live to promote her new movie, The Boy Next Door. However, she ended up addressing very different concerns.

On the Watch What Happens: Live After Show, Host Andy Cohen took calls from viewers and one asked about the weirdest false rumor she ever heard about herself. So J-Lo brought up the time a makeup artist showed her an article that alleged that J-Lo was really “a small Guatemalan man” who “transformed” himself into J-Lo, complete with a detailed description of the surgeries it took to change his appearance and “become J-Lo”. Naturally, Jennifer confirms that she is not, in fact, a small Guatemalan man who had surgery to make himself taller and more feminine. But hey, sometimes you just have to lay it all on the table and clarify these sorts of things as if everyone doesn’t already know the answer.

All in all, J-Lo has a pretty good sense of humor, and it’s a fun little clip. You can watch the whole video, complete with other viewer questions and discussion topics, below:

Jennifer Lopez Clarifies She Was Not Born A Man (VIDEO)

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