Jennifer Holliday Explains Why She Canceled Inauguration Performance (VIDEO)

One of the performers to drop out of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump is breaking her silence on why she’s backing out.

In an interview on The View, Broadway icon Jennifer Holliday explained why she canceled her performance for the inauguration, and…well, regardless of how you lean politically, one can’t really blame Holliday for backing out, if her reasons are true. According to the Dreamgirls singer, she was receiving death threats from fellow African-Americans, in addition to experiencing serious backlash from fans in the LGBT community. Sure, one scenario is far more severe than the other, but taken together, they paint a pretty scary picture, to where I could see how Holliday felt she had no choice but to cancel. But there is more to Holliday’s explanation. You can watch the whole video below for more:

Jennifer Holliday Explains Why She Canceled Inauguration Performance (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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