Jay-Z defends TIDAL from ‘smear campaign’ in #TidalFacts Tweet Storm

Jay-Z took to Twitter on Sunday to defend his TIDAL music streaming service from “companies spending millions on a smear campaign.” Jay-Z opened his mind in a stream of consciousness tweet storm with #TidalFacts.

Last week, news outlets went on a feeding frenzy declaring the TIDAL service a huge flop after it fell out of the Apple Store Top 750 apps.

Personally, I am rooting for this service to succeed because we need more money in the hands of creators. Jay-Z is the perfect person to spearhead something like this, because he doesn’t need the money, while other streaming services like Spotify will pay almost nothing to artists with a few plays. TIDAL’s 75% royalty rate is one of the best in the market.

As Jay-Z wrote, give it time. He’s in for the long haul.

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