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Janet Grogan Returns To Wow Judges on The X Factor UK 2016 (VIDEO)

Janet Grogan returned to The X Factor UK after two years to wow the judges in a stunning audition!

In 2014, Janet made it to the Six-Chair Challenge in Simon’s category, and she earned a chair! However, she lost the seat in the final performance of the night. Naturally, she was devastated. But she’s looking to pull a Monica Michael and earn a spot in the live shows, and she aims to do so with a wonderfully distinct rendition of “Pillowtalk” by ZAYN, an artist with whom Simon Cowell is very familiar. I was a fan of Janet’s back in 2014, to say nothing of the pretty big crush I had on her at the time. But I’d argue she’s even better now. Seriously, this was just so impressive, to me. Her voice is so rich and full of character, and I’d say she’s among the first auditioners this season whose voice I think I’d recognize on the radio. I’ll definitely be rooting for her again. Watch the performance video below:

Janet Grogan Returns To Wow Judges on The X Factor UK 2016 (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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