Jan Brewer Is Willing To Be Donald Trump’s VP, Thinks ‘Woman Thing Is Out Of Control’ (VIDEO)

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday and she said that she would be willing to serve Donald Trump in any capacity including be his running mate.

When asked by host Jake Tapper if Trump needs to pick a woman VP because he’s been polling to low with women, Brewer responded: “I don’t necessarily think you need to pick a woman. You know, this woman thing has gotten way out of control I believe.”

“And I think it’s been driven by the left,” she remarked. “Because they think that it’s going to bring them over the end. But I think people, when they sit down to vote, they vote for the very best candidate. They want somebody that’s going to represent them.”

See? Living and breathing cognitive dissonance.

Press play to watch the video below.



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