Jamie Foxx Rescues Man from Burning Car, Might Be a Superhero

Jamie Foxx just might be a superhero. The Oscar winner jumped into action last night, as he rescued a man from a burning car.

The car crash took place at around 8:30 PM on Monday night, as the vehicle flipped upside down into a ditch after skidding on wet roads. The car found itself coming to a rest just outside Jamie Foxx’s gate in his Hidden Valley home in Northeast LA.

According to Foxx’s statements to police, he heard the accident, rushed to the scene, and found the driver seat-belted into his seat. The car was on fire and at risk of exploding, so Foxx sprung into action by unbuckling the driver and dragging him roughly 30 feet away from the accident. Of course, Foxx had called 911 before coming to the rescue, so cops and firefighters were there within minutes of the rescue, transporting the injured man to the hospital.

Jamie Foxx Rescues Man from Burning Car, Might Be a Superhero

Credit: TMZ

The man driver admitted to the hospital with several injuries, including with major burns as a result of the fire. However, it appears Foxx is fine. Perhaps he got hurt, and quick healing is just one of his superpowers? Either way, good on Foxx for proving himself to be a hero. This could have ended up so much worse for the driver had Foxx not been there. I’d be all about Jamie Foxx taking up heroism full-time. Dude’s even got a hell of a superhero name already.

And hey, if being a hero doesn’t work out, there’s always this acting thing to fall back on! Oh, and music. Can’t forget that this guy can sing like ya’ll-don’t-even-know what.

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