Jamie Foxx Defends Mayweather-Pacquiao National Anthem Performance on ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)

Jamie Foxx made headlines over the weekend when his performance of the National Anthem for the “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao didn’t exactly go according to plan. It was a rare miss for Foxx, who’s usually a far better live singer than he gets credit for.

So what happened?

Jamie dropped by Ellen to tell his side of the story and explain why the performance turned into the debacle it did:

Jamie Foxx Explains Mayweather-Pacquiao National Anthem Mess on 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

In short, his inner ear piece went out, and this — coupled with the fact that he was singing with an organ — left him unable to actually hear himself. Hence, we got some unfortunately iffy notes. Of course, to his credit, he muscled through the performance, and it apparently (well, according to Jamie, at least) “killed” in the arena.

But iffy performance or not, I still enjoy the hell out of Jamie Foxx. And luckily for him, the outcry over the fight itself ended up overshadowing the National Anthem debacle, if you can even call it that. Still, it’s great to see him have such a good sense of humor about this.

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