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James Dupre vs. Shelby Brown Is a Four-Chair Knockout on The Voice (VIDEO)

James Dupre battled Shelby Brown in the final Knockout Round pairing for Team Adam on The Voice 9! Making this more dramatic was the fact that these two artists earned four-chair turns during the Blind Auditions, so a presumptive frontrunner was pretty much guaranteed to go home after this.

Shelby sings “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood, and it’s a bit iffy to start off, since I think you can hear her nerves. But as it picks up, she actually sounds a bit like Carrie Underwood, but with a bit of a deeper tone to her voice. I really like it, and it’s the perfect song for a round like this, since it allows her to show off all the dynamics of her voice. James is next up, singing Blake Shelton’s own “Sure Be Cool If You Did”, and while this wasn’t as good as his previous two performances, I thought this was really freaking good. I would have gone with a ballad, but I thought James did very well.

James Dupre vs. Shelby Brown Is a Four-Chair Knockout on The Voice (VIDEO)

Result: Shelby Brown won this Knockout! Afterwards, Carson doesn’t note that James is available to steal, so I’m guessing this was filmed after all the steals were already gone. That’s literally the only reason I can fathom for why James wouldn’t have been stolen.

Download: Shelby Brown, “Jesus Take the Wheel”

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