Jaden Smith Wears a Dress in Dubai with Sister Willow (PHOTOS)

Jaden Smith, the cross-dressing son of Will Smith, wore what looked like a dress during an event in Dubai with his sister Willow.

The photos were taken at Burj Khalifa for #myDSS.

Jaden has worn dresses multiple times in public before, so I am not surprised that he continues to go for this “look.”

The “dress” looks like an oversized black t-shirt with a white t-shirt on top. Well, if it looks like a dress, it’s a dress!

#MyDSS |||

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Fan with Jaden and willow in dubai ????? #mydss #jadensmith #willowsmith

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They two take Dubai #mydss #dubai #msftstakedubai

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Burj Khalifa #mydss

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Dubai press #mydss

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If You're In Dubai, And You're Not At The Dubai Mall At 4:30 I Feel Bad For You. #MyDSS ||| #MSFTSrep

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