Jacob Whitesides Debuts ‘Not My Type At All’ Music Video

In case you were wondering what all these Jacob Whitesides trends on Twitter have been about over the past few months, it’s not too late to get acquainted with one of the world’s biggest YouTube musicians-gone-mainstream. Especially now that his music video for “Not My Type At All” has premiered via MTV.

Jacob is a huge deal online, with over 1.57 million followers on Twitter and over 12 million views on YouTube, boosted by a shoutout from One Direction’s Liam Payne on his “One Thing” cover. This is all in addition to 1.3 million Facebook likes and nearly as many Instagram followers. His EP, A Piece of Me, was released on Valentine’s Day this year, and the self-penned debut has been a success largely on the back of “Not My Type At All,” the backstory for which is described as centering on a guy who’s “unexpectedly attracted to a girl he’d never hang out with but still enjoyed being around.” It’s a super-smooth acoustic jam, and the music video is a surprisingly apt match for the track itself, taking place in a coffee shop where Jacob is an awkward, flirtatious barista. It’s pretty great stuff, honestly. You can check out the full music video for “Not My Type At All” below:

Jacob Whitesides-00

Jacob Whitesides Debuts 'Not My Type At All' Music Video

In addition to being a YouTube star, Jacob is an alum of The X Factor USA Season 2, but he was cut during Boot Camp round. And you know, considering the relative thinness of the talent pool that season, I’m surprised he didn’t go a lot farther than he did. Then again, that season had the asinine category reclassifications (with separate placements for Teens and Young Adults, so that males and females were all competing for the same spots). That said, I guess the cream always rises to the top in these sorts of situations. Honestly, this is a seriously great song, and I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to since this video released. I think this guy has all the potential in the world to be huge.

But what do you think of Jacob Whitesides and the “Not My Type At All” video? Sound off in the comments!

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