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Jacob Rummell sings ‘Count On Me’ on The Voice 2015 (VIDEO)

Jacob Rummell sang “Count On Me” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 on Monday, March 2.

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About Jacob Jacob Rummell

From our live blog:

Jacob looks like a young version of the Blue Megaforce Power Ranger, to any nerds out there who also have nieces and nephews who watch a prodigious amount of Power Rangers, and end up watching it too as a result. Jacob’s sister was born to his parents biologically, but complications from an illness, which required her to have three kidney transplants in her childhood, caused his parents to opt not to have anymore biological kids. So they adopted the next two, Jacob included. Christina is Jacob’s favorite artist, so he was super excited to learn she was coming back for Season 8. So now we know whom he’s aiming for.

Jacob sings “Count On Me,” and he has such a peculiar voice for an 18-year-old. It’s like he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. Still, I kind of love his voice. It’s so smooth and pure and clear, with hardly any vibrato or hesitation. It’s a very sweet vocal, and while I’m not sure how far he could go, I think he deserved to get those two chair turns (from Adam and Blake, respectively).

Blake didn’t expect Jacob to be a guy, but he’s pleasantly surprised. Jacob notes that he likes Bruno Mars, which prompts Pharrell to regret not pressing his button. Christina likes Jacob’s voice, even though she doesn’t think he’s all there yet. Adam feels that while some of it was pitchy, he sees a lot of potential in Jacob. Blake says he’s never had a chance to work with an artist like Jacob before, and that excites him. He wants to help Jacob become the best artist he can be. However, Adam fires back by saying he already has ideas for songs Jacob could sing. He then adds that Pharrell has already pledged to help Team Adam, which Pharrell stringently denies to Blake. Jacob makes his pick, letting out the “A…” before changing at the last minute…


Jacob Rummell sings 'Count On Me'

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