Jack White blacklists University of Oklahoma after Guacamole Recipe leaks (Included)

Jack White has banned all future performances at the University of Oklahoma after the school paper published financial terms and his tour rider which included a detailed recipe for guacamole.

During the concert, White blasted the university’s newspaper telling the audience: “Just because you can type it on your computer doesn’t make it right.” The newspaper disclosed that White earned $80,000 for the show.

According to The Oklahoma Daily, OU is blacklisted from future Jack White performances as well as all artists represented by William Morris Entertainment, which include Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, John Rich, Miranda Lambert and Duck Dynasty (The Robertson Family).

Jack White’s management however released this statement after news of the blacklist was published:

To the students and staff of University of Oklahoma:

Jack White would love to thank all the concert attendees at his performance at the University of Oklahoma. The crowd was incredible and Mr. White played an extensive two and a half hour show for them. The students who helped organize the event were wonderful. Playing in, and for, the people of Oklahoma is one of Jack White’s favorite tour stops. At no time did Jack White or White’s management say that we would never play there again, that is untrue.

The incidents with the OU Daily student newspaper reporting the financial terms of the show, the private tour rider information, along with unsolicited photographers from their staff were unfortunate, unprofessional, and very unwelcoming. The show was one of many on this tour directed at playing for university students in their own environment. And the band were all completely thrilled with the performance and the crowd.

This statement is ironic since his other managers WME blacklisted OU because of him.

Jack White’s rider also stipulated that he has a no-banana policy (“We don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building”). His post-show meal: “New York strip steak, cooked medium, with steamed vegetables on the side and no sauce.”

Oh and the Guacamole Recipe? Here it is:

Jack White Guacamole

  • 8 x large, ripe Haas avocados (cut in half the long way, remove the pit — SAVE THE PITS THOUGH — and dice into large cubes with a butter knife. 3 or 4 slits down, 3 or 4 across. You’ll scoop out the chunks with a spoon, careful to maintain the avocado in fairly large chunks.)
  • 4 x vine-ripened tomatoes (diced)
  • 1/3 x yellow onion (finely-chopped)
  • 1 x bunch cilantro (chopped)
  • 4 x Serrano peppers (de-veined and chopped)
  • 1 x lime
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, careful not to mush the avocados too much. We want it chunky. Once properly mixed and rested, add the pits into the guacamole and even out the top with a spoon or spatula. Add 1/3 lime to the top layer so you cover most of the surface with the juice. (The pits and lime will keep it from browning prematurely.) Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until served. Please don’t make it too early before it’s served. We’d love to have it around 5 pm.

Jack White blacklists University of Oklahoma after Guacamole Recipe leaks (Included)

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