Jack Osbourne frustrated no one supported Kelly when she quit ‘Fashion Police’ unlike Kathy Griffin

Jack Osbourne voiced his disappointment at the hypocrisy surrounding Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin’s departure from Fashion Police.

He posted on Facebook: “So Kelly quits and she’s overreacting, Kathy quits and she’s a hero? I find this frustrating.”

Kathy Griffin is reported to have asked her friends “for support” when she quit the show after only 7 episodes due to creative differences. They responded positively on social media, including Kelly Osbourne. Mindy Kaling, Whoopi Goldberg and Lena Dunham all voiced their support.

Kelly did not get the same feedback, but fans are quick to note that “they quit for different reasons.”

I had assumed it all started with Giuliana Rancic saying Zendaya smelled of oil and weed, but apparently, there’s been a lot of drama behind the scenes on Fashion Police ever since Joan Rivers died.

A new episode of Fashion Police is expected to air Monday, March 30.

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