ITV Cancels ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ After One Series

One of the more buzzed-about new UK dramas has found itself canned after just one series.

ITV has canceled Jekyll & Hyde after the adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic dropped to just 1.8 million viewers towards the end of its run. This, despite the show being one of the more anticipated new dramas of 2015 after it was announced in late 2014. Hell, it feels like just yesterday that the first trailer premiered, and now it’s done for. Kind of a shame, since I thought the show had loads of style, and a really solid cast.

Writer and executive producer Charlie Higson confirmed the end of the show via Twitter.

“Sad day today as ITV announce they don’t want any more #JekyllandHyde Ah well, I tried. It was a grand adventure while it lasted,” Higson wrote. He noted that the cancellation came as a surprise to him, noting that he’d had “some great stories lined up for series 2.”

In addition to the declining ratings, the show apparently drew complaints from viewers, who stated it was “too scary” for its early time slot. And I can understand that complaint, since it seemed like a terrible lead-in for The X Factor. Why ITV chose to air Jekyll & Hyde at 6:30pm is beyond me. Hopefully, Higson is able to get another project lined up sometime soon, because I feel like he deserves another chance.

ITV Cancels 'Jekyll & Hyde' After One Series

Credit: ITV

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