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It’s Official: ‘The Bachelor’ Twins Are Getting Their Own Spinoff

One of the big stories in the Bachelor Nation in the past month has been the rumor that FreeForm was interested in developing a spinoff series around Emily and Haley Ferguson, the twin sisters from Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor, and the third season of Bachelor In Paradise. As it turns out, the rumors were true, and the spinoff is now official! However, while it will be a spinoff focused on Emily and Haley, it’s technically not a new show, per se.

Haley and Emily will be the subject of the second season of the Happily Ever After? franchise FreeForm started with Ben and his Bachelor winner, Lauren Bushnell. The news was confirmed at the 2017 Winter TCA Press Tour today. Of course, what’s crazy about all this is that the show is going to be ready to go pretty soon. In fact, it’s going to be ready REALLY soon: the series will premiere on Monday, March 20.

It's Official: 'The Bachelor' Twins Are Getting Their Own Spinoff

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Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? was ABC Family/FreeForm’s highest-rated reality series in three years, so hopes are high that The Twins: Happily Ever After? will duplicate that success. The series will mostly focus on the sisters moving out of their mother’s house and searching for careers, independence, and maybe even a little love. If the series is anything like the twins themselves, it should be pretty interesting. At the very least, it should be pretty funny. More than likely, we’ll probably see some familiar faces from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise, if the first season of Happily Ever After? is any indication.

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