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It’s Official: Nick Viall Is The Bachelor 2017

Producer Mike Fleiss has been teasing the identity of The Bachelor 2017 for weeks. Tonight, on Bachelor In Paradise wrap-up show After Paradise, the big announcement was made official. So who is The Bachelor?

Tonight, it was revealed that Nick Viall will be The Bachelor for 2017! Nick is best remembered as the guy who came in second place on two separate seasons of The Bachelorette. He’s still dating Jen on Bachelor In Paradise, which is part of why this was such an unexpected twist. But I think it’s clear that that relationship doesn’t work out.

It's Official Nick Viall Is The Bachelor 2017

Source: YouTube

I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think they’d actually go through with this pick, if only because a lot of people seemed to be catching on to the possibility at the 11th hour. Granted, the producers did a great job of throwing a curveball by announcing the new Bachelor tonight, since fans likely wouldn’t have anticipated Nick to be named Bachelor, considering his status on Bachelor In Paradise.

I’m genuinely excited for this season, and I can’t say I’ve felt that way about a season of The Bachelor before. (Maybe I’m just partial to dudes named Nick.) That said, his stint on Bachelor In Paradise has shown him to be one of the more likable, down-to-Earth people in the Bachelor franchise. It’s like night and day from how he was portrayed before. I’m stoked that we have a Bachelor who’s been through this process before, and more than once. It should be interesting to see how he handles this now that he’ll be the center of attention, rather than the guy fighting for notice. Congratulations, Nick!

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