It Will Cost Kanye West $100,000 to Remove This Mural of Kanye Kissing Kanye (PHOTO, VIDEO)

If Kanye West wants to remove a mural featuring Kanye making out with Kanye in Australia it’s going to cost him.

According to the mural’s artistĀ Scott Marsh, Kanye’s people have offered him a lot of money to paint over the mural which he completed in March.

Marsh apparently countered by requesting six figures and a lifetime supply of Yeezy Boost sneakers.

When he got no response, Marsh created a large print of the painting which he buffed over with white paint. He has promised to do the same thing to the mural if someone purchases the print in question, which happens to have a price tag of $100,000 AUD (roughly $76,380 USD).

So who could afford such a thing? Why Kanye of course.

Revealed the artist, “It’s an open invitation to Kanye. If he buys that print then I’ll paint over the mural.”

Yo @privatekanye !! the $100K print is still available! Only 6 of the 16x24inch prints remain. follow link in bio @1xrun

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