Is the Plymouth Valiant Scamp a Forgotten Classic of Car Culture? (VIDEO)

Is the Plymouth Valiant Scamp a forgotten classic of car culture? The guys at Regular Car Reviews seem to think so…in a manner of speaking.

Mr. Regular is back with another funny, insightful and genuinely weird look at a car and the culture behind it. This week, it’s a 1974 Plymouth Valiant Scamp, a car that is more or less a representation of Chrysler’s preference for “the old ways”. However, Mr. Regular suggests that these old ways are at least partially responsible for the car culture surrounding muscle cars that continues today. “The Plymouth Scamp was the first car to begin polishing 60s muscle cars,” he says. “You owe your nostalgia to this.” It’s an interesting video and well-worth checking out, whether you’re a car enthusiast or not.

Is the Plymouth Valiant Scamp the Forgotten Classic of Car Culture (VIDEO)

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