Is The Ford Ranger 'The Disposable Camera of Trucks'? (VIDEO)

It's the first Regular Car Reviews of 2017, as Mr. Regular dives headfirst into the 2007 Ford Ranger. But the truck is a bit of a departure from the stalwart reliability of the Ford brand.

In a comparison that's as apt as it is crude, Mr. Regular likens the Ranger to a disposable camera...or a pair of lucky underwear that's seen better days. But what is it about the Ranger that makes it "the disposable camera of trucks"? Is it the underwhelming horsepower? The similarly unimpressive torque rating? Or is it the sheer amount of work that goes into even keeping a Ranger roadworthy? In a way, it's a combination of all three. For some, the Ranger is a reliable, sturdy old truck. But for the owner in this video, it seems like a bit of a burden, albeit one he can't let go. And maybe that's where Ford has succeeded: in crafting a disposable truck you can't bring yourself to truly dispose. For the full review, watch the video below:

Is The Ford Ranger 'The Disposable Camera of Trucks'? (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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