Is Hyundai Driverless Car Prototype The Affordable Tesla Killer? (VIDEO)

The autonomous car market is a bit difficult for the average consumer to enter, considering the high buy-in price on your average Tesla. However, Hyundai is looking to help make driverless cars more affordable with their latest prototype.

Wired had the opportunity to test out the Korean automaker’s self-driving prototype version of its Ioniq hatchback. The company’s stated goal is to make autonomous cars “at a price point attainable by an average buyer”. The key is using a less expensive mapping and radar system, which works well enough without all the added expense of a Tesla Autopilot system. Granted, it probably won’t be the Tesla killer Hyundai is hoping it’ll be, but anyone looking for a low-cost buy-in on the autonomous car market could probably do a whole lot worse. The prototype will make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Expo alongside a fleet of new Hyundai vehicles, but it’s hard to imagine a car like this getting lost in the shuffle. Watch the video review of the prototype below:

Hyundai Driverless Car Prototype Aims To Be Affordable Tesla Killer (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

What do you think of the Hyundai Ioniq driverless prototype, and the mission statement to make a more affordable autonomous car? Sound off in the comments!

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