Is Fifth Harmony’s Dinah The New Disney Princess Moana?

The Internet lit up this week as Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen is rumored to be the voice of the new Disney princess Moana, from the movie Moana which will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dinah posted a tweet yesterday (now deleted, of course!) thanking The Rock for inviting her to the San Andreas premiere along with this photo (which includes Vine superstar Sione Maraschino):

Is Fifth Harmony's Dinah The New Disney Princess Moana

Dinah Jane Tweet The Rock

Barry Papick, an acting coach, tweeted last week, that he coached someone from Fifth Harmony and fans immediately concluded it was Dinah Jane.

Is Fifth Harmony's Dinah The New Disney Princess

OMG, I hope this happens! And if it does, is this the end of Fifth Harmony? Is Dinah the new Zayn Malik?

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