iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Reviewed – Who Is This For?

The Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have finally shipped and here’s the ultimate review from tech blogger Marques Brownlee.

First of all, the question on everyone’s mind is if it can really replace your laptop. It looks like this device is still a work in progress. It is, despite the “pro” branding, just a huge iPad.

The stuff that make it “pro” in Apple’s eyes such as the iPad keyboard is good for people who type a lot but doesn’t have the ergonomics of a dedicated laptop.

And the $100 Apple Pencil: “It’s an accident waiting to happen,” says Marques. The amount of delay is almost zero however, though there is no eraser.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is looking better and better.

Watch the review below.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Reviewed - Who Is This For

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