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Insane ‘The Bachelor’ GIF Merges All 2017 Contestants Into One Gorgeous Person

So this just might be one of the more insane things you see today, if you’re a reality TV fan. I’ll keep it short and sweet: one GIF, ALL the contestants on The Bachelor 2017.

Let me be more specific. The fine folks at has created a GIF that takes all 30 contestants on season 21 of The Bachelor, and merges them into one gorgeous person.

Granted, it’s not really as weird as I’ve made it sound. It’s more surreal than anything else. You probably wouldn’t expect so many different faces to converge to form one objectively attractive person. It’s an ambitious GIF that actually works, and it’s well worth checking out, even if you’re not a Bachelor fan. It’s just a really cool visual.

I can only imagine Nick Viall would have loved to give this person his Final Rose. Then again, I have no loving idea how the rest of this season is going to pan out, so who’s to say how crazy things are likely to get? Probably not “Multiple contestants merge into one beautiful person” crazy, but I imagine we’ll at least get a Juan Pablo level of “Contestants turning on The Bachelor” crazy.

But speaking of crazy, what do you think of this image? Sound off in the comments!

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