Insane Car Reviewer Tackles Swedish Military Vehicle (VIDEO)

Insane car reviewer Mr. Regular is back with an all-new episode of Regular Car Reviews. And this time, Mr. Regular is going all military with a “general purpose troop-carrier” also known as a 1975 Volvo C303, a Swedish military vehicle.

This is one of the crazier reviews yet. I mean, just look at this damn thing! If nothing else, it’s certainly unique. These were developed for the Swedish military in the late 1960s, and put into production in the 70s, and while it’s described as a truck, it’s a lot closer to something like a Toyota Previa, a mid-engine van that pretty much just throws aesthetics out the window. Of course, Mr. Regular admits that he might not be the best authority to explain what the deal is with a car like this, which is why he allows the owners, who are part of automotive apparel brand Blipshift, to take over and do most of the explaining. As it turns out, this is their company car. Imagine that. I can’t even imagine seeing something like this rolling down residential streets. Crazy stuff, and delightfully so. Watch the video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Tackles Swedish Military Vehicle (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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