Insane Car Reviewer Rides Dangerous Motorcycle (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews occasionally explores motorcycles and other non-car automotives. And this week’s episode is no different, as Mr. Regular tackled a Yamaha R6, and discovers just why a bike like this is so dangerous.

This 2005 Yamaha YZF-R6 is kind of insane, considering how many people use this as a starter bike. Mr. Regular details just why this is such an irresponsible amount of speed to entrust to someone who might not be as familiar with motorcycles as they’d like to believe. Granted, how big of a jerk you are while riding a Yamaha is entirely up to you, in much the same way it’s up to the rider just how fast he travels. You don’t have to go at insane speeds on a bike like this, but as Mr. Regular discovers, the car is temptation on two wheels. How does Mr. Regular manage his need for speed clashing with his better judgment? Watch the video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Rides Dangerous Motorcycle (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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