Insane Car Reviewer Lets Loose In BMW Rally Car (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back with an all-new episode, as YouTube’s resident insane car reviewer tackles a BMW rally car: the 1972 BMW 2002.

Naturally, as with any car from the 70s, it sort of defies modern functionality. There are various elements of the car that don’t really work, and it’s a much more impulse-oriented car than it might appear to be at first glance. It’s the kind of car that encourages a guy like Mr. Regular to make mistakes, because it’s a car that gives you that sense of freedom. Needless to say, Mr. Regular gets to let loose in this car in ways he hasn’t been able to in other cars he’s reviewed in this series. It’s pretty interesting stuff, as Mr. Regular deals with his own ambivalent feelings towards the car to find a happy middle ground. Watch the video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Lets Loose In BMW Rally Car (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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