Insane Car Reviewer Goes Off On A Subaru Loyale: ‘Boring Cars Have To Exist’

After over a month of focusing solely on their Ford Falcon build, Regular Car Reviews is finally back with a new video focusing on the 1991 Subaru Loyale, a “dopey slow wagon” that is completely unremarkable in almost every way.

Of course, “almost” is an important distinction, since there are a couple of things Mr. Regular makes particular note of in the review, such as the selectable four-wheel drive, which is mounted on top of the shifter. While comparing it to Superman Returns, and stating that it’s a conservative product that takes no risks, Mr. Regular does manage to single out one big positive for the Loyale’s legacy: it was necessary. You don’t get your crazy WRXs or STIs without these boring types of cars on the market to appeal to a wider base that keeps the brand afloat. He even calls out Chrysler, telling them to take note on how to keep a brand alive. It’s a unique video, if nothing else, and you don’t have to know much about cars to enjoy it, between the Pulp Fiction references and stories about that kid everyone knew in school who lost his virginity first (trust me, it’s kinda-sorta-semi-relevant). It’s good to have Mr. Regular back, even if he’s as insane as he ever was. Watch the video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Goes Off On A Subaru Loyale 'Boring Cars Have To Exist'

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