Insane Car Reviewer Goes Bananas Over the Barracuda (VIDEO)

The internet’s de factor insane car reviewer is back, as Mr. Regular goes bananas over a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda for the latest episode of Regular Car Reviews.

While this avoids being as outright weird as some of his other reviews, the episode features some pretty strange segments, whether it’s Mr. Regular feeling a borderline erotic thrill over the expansive rear window, or that completely random stopmotion sequence in the middle of the video. But then, that’s part-and-parcel of what we’ve come to expect from RCR. And it’s for the best, really. There’s a good mix of comedy and information in here, with Mr. Regular going into what is historically known as the Horsepower Wars: what caused them, what escalated them, and what brought them to an end. And through it all, we get to see the Barracuda in all its glory, like something that came roaring out of a different era altogether into our present. I really enjoyed this, as much for the jokes (such as those amusing observations about Portland, and that bit about Dorothy’s vague punishment in The Wizard of Oz) as for the details about the car itself. Even if you’re not really into cars, RCR might be worth checking out. Watch the full video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Goes Bananas Over the Barracuda (VIDEO)

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