Insane Car Reviewer Gets Drunk, Trashes On Friend’s Rental (VIDEO)

Well, Regular Car Reviews is back once again, with more trademark insanity. Case in point, Mr. Regular chose to do this entire review drunk. Of course, he has a decent reason for opting to down a couple martinis. After all, how else can you find anything semi-intelligible to say about a 2014 Chevy Malibu?

A post to the show’s Facebook page revealed that this car actually was a rental by a good friend of Mr. Regular’s, which meant all bets were off in the joke department, since there was no owner to offend. As a result, this is yet another insane review, as Mr. Regular goes back and forth between keen insight on the practical applications of a Malibu, and stories about his father “farting up a chair” so badly that it had to be taken out back and burned. It takes a certain kind of mad genius to pull off a video like this. Watch the hilarious/disturbing/puzzling/entertaining video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Gets Drunk, Trashes On Friend's Rental (VIDEO)

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