Insane Car Review Pokes Fun at Police Cars, and Civilians Who Drive Them (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back with another positively insane video. And we do mean “insane”, considering this might just be their craziest clip yet.

This week, Mr. Regular reviews a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria P-71 Police Interceptor, the car that has defined the look of the police in the U.S. since “time immemorial”. Naturally, given the social upheaval over the questionable behavior of police in the news lately, this video takes a look at why your average driver would want to roll around in a glorified “cop car”. Put plainly, Mr. Regular posits that this is about “putting on the dress of authority”, stating that some people just want the fake authority that goes along with driving a cop car, without having to deal with any of the responsibilities of actually being a cop. “Clout is a currency, and if you can’t use it to make your life better, you can sure as hell use it to make other peoples’ lives worse.” The video only gets crazier from there, so strap in for a funny but unmistakably weird look at the Amateur Judge Dredd Starter Kit of Cars:

Insane Review Pokes Fun at Police Cars, and Civilians Who Drive Them (VIDEO)

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