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Injured Dog Refuses To Leave Her Puppies Behind (VIDEO)

A mother’s love is an incredible thing. Some would abandon others in the name of self-preservation, but not a mother — especially not when her puppies need her.

In this video, the fine folks of Hope For Paws go searching for an injured dog they’d received reports about in their area. Complicating matters was the fact that this dog was not only injured, she was pregnant as well. When she was finally found, the dog seemed open to being rescued — but not to abandoning her puppies. The mother, who would only leave her puppies to go find food, refused to leave their side once the rescuers came, even though her own injuries worsened by the day. The mother, whom they named Iris, had to be led out of the bushes with a leash so the rescuers could get to her puppies. Needless to say, the family was rescued together, and it was genuinely heartwarming to see the trio recovering by each other’s side. Watch the video below:

Injured Dog Refuses To Leave Her Puppies Behind (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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