Infidelity Website Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked

Ashley Madison is one of those websites that sounds like it’s straight out of a satire of online life. I mean, for crying out loud, it’s a website committed to infidelity, where married people can meet other married people who are also looking to cheat on their spouse. Its existence alone has angered plenty of people both online and elsewhere, as it’s hard to imagine that getting caught on this website wouldn’t end a marriage completely. But few have been angered enough to do anything about the website itself. Until now.

A group of hackers calling themselves the Impact Group has hacked Ashley Madison over disagreements with the site’s business approach. In addition to the whole infidelity business, you have to actually pay twenty bucks to have your profile deleted. And even then, it’s not really a guarantee that any trace of you will be erased from the website, at least according to The Impact Group, who claim to have a list of personal data on various users both past and present. If it’s true that money changed hands, and profiles still weren’t completely erased, Ashley Madison could be looking at one of the stranger class action lawsuits of 2015, particularly if this leak ends up costing users their marriage. If nothing else, The Impact Group is apparently mad enough to make ultimatums…

Infidelity Website Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked

Credit: Avid Life Media

The Impact Group has declared that unless Ashley Madison’s owners, Avid Life Media, take down both Ashley Madison and similar cheating website Established Men (which the group claims to be guilty of human trafficking and prostitution), then they will leak the information they’ve acquired. Currently, Avid Life Media is working with law enforcement to prevent any leak. This means locking down both websites, which will unfortunately prevent cheaters from getting their swerve on. But I suppose it’s just the cost of doing business, at the moment, as the leak is rumored to have been an inside job.

So once again, we’re faced with the “how private is private information in the 21st Century?” issue. Of course, there’s a certain irony to all this if it turns out to be an inside job: now Ashley Madison will finally know what it feels like to have someone they trusted go behind their back.

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