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India Carney turns four chairs with ‘New York State of Mind’ on The Voice 2015 (VIDEO)

India Carney sang “New York State of Mind” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 on Monday, March 2.

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About India Carney

From our live blog:

India devoted much of her life to music education. She took it so seriously that when she turned 11, she looked for middle schools that specialized in music programs. She ended up at the famed LaGuardia school in New York, but notes that the vocal programs center on opera, and while she does like opera, she’s always wanted a pop vocal coach. She’s nervous going into this audition, but India also comes across as supremely confident in her vocal ability. Considering she was classically trained since childhood in everything from opera to music theory, India has every reason to be a proud peacock heading into this thing.

India sings “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel, and it’s easily the best audition of the night. Her tone is sensational, and some of the runs she hits (particularly in the last 20 seconds) are out of this WORLD. She earns the night’s only four-chair turn (well, the night’s only legitimate four-chair turn. We’re not counting Adam), and also a massive standing ovation from the coaches before the song is even over. I find it immediately endearing that India is so flustered by the response that she needs to gather herself before hitting the final note. She’s terrific, and we could have a real frontrunner here.

India Carney chooses Team Christina Aguilera!

India Carney turns four chairs with 'New York State of Mind'

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