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Incredible Two-Nosed Dog Rescued From Being Put Down (VIDEO)

Everyone meet Toby. Toby is an Australian shepherd who, due to a genetic abnormality, has two noses. Because of that unfortunate abnormality, Toby was scheduled to be put down. That is, until someone stepped in to save the day.

A man named Todd Ray chose to adopt Toby, believing the dog didn’t deserve to be put down just because he looked different from other dogs. When you consider that Todd holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of animals with two heads, Toby is downright normal by comparison. Now, Toby is enjoying his second chance at life. In fact, he’s having a blast using his second nose to track down his favorite toy! It’s adorable to see Toby finding happiness like this. It’s proof that being different doesn’t have to mean a life without joy. Watch the video here:

Incredible Two-Nosed Dog Rescued From Being Put Down (VIDEO)

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