Iggy Azalea slams Rita Ora’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ remake plan with her

Yesterday, Rita Ora made waves for giving and interview and spewing out the ridiculous idea that she, Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX, and Iggy Azalea should remake “Lady Marmalade.”

The song was originally performed by the group Labelle and 1975, and infamously remade by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil Kim and Pink in 2001, becoming a pop culture moment and classic.

Rita is delusional to think that if this were to be remade (which it shouldn’t unless its another 40 years), that it would be these four people. I am sickened and disgusted at that thought. Rita, go somewhere.

Since Iggy has to comment on EVERY matter with her name in it on social media, she isn’t having any time of conversation about the proposed song remake. Iggy is telling y’all not to drag her this time because she doesn’t agree with it either! LOL

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Photo: TIME

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