Idina Menzel Defends Her New Year’s Eve Performance of “Let it Go”

Tony winner, Broadway mainstay and Frozen actress Idina Menzel came under a little flack for missing the final high note during her performance of Disney’s  “Let it Go” on New Year’s Eve.

In response, the actress is doing what the song recommends and letting it go.

The above interview was given to Southwest Magazine and includes Menzel explaining that she is more than just the notes she hits.

According to a Billboard writer who was present on New Year’s Eve, Menzel nailed all her notes during sound check, adding that during the live performance, “She may not have hit the big note, but she hit all the emotional ones.”

“Young kids in the audience were all so joyful singing along with her.”

For reference, this is not the first time that Menzel has missed the difficult to hit final high note. She also flubbed the portion during her Oscar’s performance.

Good thing the cold never bothered her anyway.

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