Watch Ian McKellen Accept His First Marriage Proposal After SCOTUS Ruling (VIDEO)

After the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the nation today (June 26), New York’s Gay Pride March grand marshalls Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi celebrated with a marriage proposal on Vine.

Or more specifically, Jacobi proposed to McKellen, both of whom were resplendent in matching Stonewall Inn t-shirts while Queen played in the background.

“Will you marry me?” Jacobi can be heard asking McKellen while Freddy Mercury sings in the background about being the champions.

Responds a rainbow-hatted, rice-throwing McKellen, “I will! And now I can.”

It’s all very festive.

If you’re in the New York area you can catch the march on Sunday (June 28), for now though you can revel in the fact that love has won. We don’t say this often, but good job ‘Merica.

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