Hyundai Recalls 470,000 Sonata Hybrid Cars Due to Engine Risk

Hyundai is recalling damn near half a million cars!

The company announced that they are recalling 470,000 Sonatas in order to replace vital engine components. Hyundai is saying that, in some instances, metal debris may not have been removed from the crankshaft, which could have the catastrophic effect of restricting oil flow to the rod bearings, causing the engine to stall. And…well, if an engine stalls when you’re on the road, we don’t have to tell you how badly that could go for you, particularly if you’re in the middle of merging on the highway.

So how does Hyundai plan on fixing this?

Hyundai Recalls 470,000 Sonata Hybrid Cars Due to Engine Malfunction

Credit: Hyundai

Well, the company will have dealers inspect the cars and, if they are among the vehicles effected, replace the engine components, free of charge. In addition, Hyundai will extend the engine warranty for 10 years or 120,000 miles. So, in short, they’re going to impressive lengths to actually make this right. Hopefully, the recall eliminates the error completely and no one gets hurt from this. This is the sort of thing that could hamper public faith in hybrid vehicles.

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