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Husky Puppies Fight Over Toy — Until Mama Lays Down the Law! (VIDEO)

Siblings tend to fight over things, particularly toys. So the parent usually has to step in and make a ruling on who gets the toy. And, more often than not, the ruling is that no one gets it. Apparently, it goes down the same way in the world of dogs.

In this video, we meet a litter of adorable husky puppies who are at war over a toy. One moment, one puppy has it. The next moment, another one has it. None of the puppies want to take turns or share. However, it isn’t until one of the puppies starts nibbling on his brother’s neck that big mama has had enough. The elder husky comes up and takes the toy away, because if they can’t get along, no one should have the toy. Or maybe she wanted to play with it herself! Either way, that’s her ruling, and her rule is law! Watch the adorable video below:

Husky Puppies Fight Over Toy -- Until Mama Lays Down the Law! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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