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Husky Mom Plays With Her Precious Puppies (VIDEO)

It’s family fun time! Seriously, who says moms can’t be fun? Check out this husky mama who finds the time to play with her precious puppies!

In this adorable video, we meet a husky mom who should probably be more worn out by her rapidly-growing puppies. But instead of taking a nap and leaving the playtime responsibilities to their father (or the dogs’ owners), this mama gets in on the fun! Granted, it mostly just amounts to roughhousing. But they apparently do this all the time, and have a blast doing it. As long as they aren’t hurting each other, I guess. All I know is these puppies are super cute, and their mama is downright beautiful! I love huskies! Watch the video below:

Husky Mom Plays With Her Precious Puppies (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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