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Husky Is Heartbroken to Lose Favorite Bone (VIDEO)

Remember how upset you’d get as a kid when you lost one of your favorite objects, whether it was a toy, a blanket or a stuffed animal? Well, imagine you’re a dog, and the thing you want is within reach, but you just can’t get it.

In this video, we meet an adorable husky who throws an epic temper tantrum when he fails to reach his bone, which has fallen behind the surround sound stereo system. Granted, the big guy still has a rope toy to play with, but this husky isn’t exactly interested in it. No, he wants that bone back. Of course, he’s absolutely heartbroken to lose the bone, and throws a bit of a temper tantrum when his owner films him rather than helping. Can’t say I blame the poor guy. Watch the video below:

Husky Is Heartbroken to Lose Favorite Bone (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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