Hulk Hogan Wishes WWE Had Just Suspended Him Over Racist Rant

Hulk Hogan is slowly starting to recover in the public eye from the scandal that launched over the summer, as tapes were released of the WWE Hall of Famer going off on a racist rant. In the aftermath of the leak, WWE fired him and removed his profile from the Hall of Fame page on, cutting all ties with Hogan and instructing its talent to do the same.

But even while the scandal is starting to blow over somewhat, Hogan is still bitter about how he was treated by WWE.

In a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, promoting his Evening With Hulk Hogan event on November 14th in the UK, Hogan stated how he wished WWE had gone in another direction, rather than fire him.

“It was business,” said Hogan. “I understand they’re a public company – and with a political correctness vibe in the air, I understand why they’ve removed all mentions of me. I don’t think they’re right, the WWE knows me better than anybody and they know I’m not racist. So I wish they had taken a different choice of action, such as suspension.”

Hulk Hogan Wishes WWE Would Have Just Suspended Him Over Racist Rant

Credit: WWE

Hogan would go on to reiterate that he made a mistake, and that he is in no way a racist.

“This whole racist rant or these comments – not to make light of them – but the people who have been supportive of me look at them more like just a mess-up, or a bad day and they know that’s not me.” said Hogan.

Ultimately, I think some people will forgive him for this. Hell, some fans have already. But I can’t be certain WWE ever will. They’re a corporation now more than anything else, and their identity as a publicly-traded company means they’d be taking on a lot of risk, in the public eye, by rehiring the man after all this controversy. And while I don’t agree with Hogan’s racially-charged outbursts, I don’t think he deserves to be erased from WWE history either. Then again, as one of the biggest stars in the history of the business, you probably couldn’t erase Hulk Hogan from history, even if you wanted to.

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