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Hulk Hogan Chat Logs Reveal Racist Jailhouse Conversation With Son Nick

More leaks are coming out from the Hulk Hogan racism scandal. This time, a series of chat logs have been released. The logs are from jailhouse conversations the Hulkster had with his son, Nick, who was serving an eight month sentence for causing a car accident which left his friend, Marine veteran John Graziano, with brain injuries so severe he will require 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

These logs date back to May 2008, roughly a year after he filmed the sex tape that contained the original racist remarks that kick-started this whole fiasco. Local Tampa affiliate Bay News 9 accessed the chat logs and found the racial comments in question, particularly a strange moment in which Hogan calls his son the "N" word as a sign of affection, only for Nick to use a substitute, presumably because he understands the stigma behind the word. Admittedly, these transcripts are FAR milder than the previous leaks. If anything, they're embarrassing less for the racial epithets than they are for Hogan's absolutely painful attempts at talking like Snoop Dogg.

Hulk Hogan Chat Logs Reveal Racist Jailhouse Conversation With Son Nick
Credit: Nicole Springer/Everett Collection

"You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here n---a," Hogan said.
"Yeah, nibb-ah," Nick replied, carefully choosing his words.
"N---a, n---a, that means, that means you (are) my best friend," Hogan declared.

In a later conversation, Hogan turned to the topic of religion, switching from speaking about God to expressing his hope that he and Nick aren't reincarnated as black guys.

"You know that God gave you this vibe and this, this, energy that you and I are going to live forever, bro," Hogan said. "I just hope we don't come back as a couple, I don't want to say it, blizz-ack gizz-uys, you know what I'm saying?"
"Brutal," Nick responded, after both father and son shared a good laugh.

Hogan then raised the possibility of getting Nick, who was 17-years-old at the time, about possibly being transferred from the adult jail to juvenile hall.

“It’s down in St. Pete and it's mixed-race and we get along with everybody, so that's fine," Nick said.
"Your mom went there and said it was mainly blizz, you know what I'm sizz-aying?"
"Mm-hm," Nick replied.
Hulk then responded, "And that some of the ladies there that, you know, run the school are nice blizz lizz-adies, you know?"
"Mm-hm.... I would go down there, I would make friends with all those kids down there," said Nick. "I guarantee it. Because you know how all the blizz pizz love us."

Ultimately, Hogan, born Terry Bollea, is catching enough Hell over these leaks as it is, and it's expected that more are to follow. He's still in the midst of a $100 million lawsuit against Gawker Media Co. for publishing excerpts from the sex tape that started this whole fiasco, as Hogan claims his privacy was violated. And, honestly, he may have a case, at least for damages. Realistically, he might not have a career after this, considering how quickly WWE erased him from their history. A hearing in the Hogan/Gawker suit is set for October in St. Petersburg, but until then, Hogan will have to do his own damage control. And that might ultimately mean just laying low, or getting out of the spotlight altogether.

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