Hulk Hogan Addresses Rumors About Coming Back to WWE

Last summer, Hulk Hogan was fired by WWE after news of several racist rants from his past came to light. However, recent rumors have circulated that WWE is considering bringing the Hulkster back in order to help sell Wrestlemania 32. After all, 100,000 tickets aren’t going to sell themselves.

But Hogan has taken to Twitter to respond to fans who seem all too eager to embrace a WWE return from the Hulkster. As it turns out, the rumors are just that — rumors.

Hulk Hogan Addresses Rumors About Coming Back to WWE

Of course, Hogan’s response doesn’t seem to shut the door on a WWE return completely, as he qualifies his denial by saying he’s not due to come back “at this moment”. But given the public relations nightmare that was Hogan’s racist rants leaking in the first place, I can’t imagine WWE bringing him back any time soon, especially since they’ve advised current talent to stay the hell away from the guy altogether.

But what do you think? Should WWE bring back Hulk Hogan? Or has the bridge been burned? Sound off in the comments!

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