Hugh Jackman Wants Tom Hardy to Be the Next Wolverine (VIDEO)

After 17 years playing Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is hanging up his adamantium claws. But who will replace everyone’s favorite mutant?

If Jackman has his way, he thinks former DC villain Tom Hardy would be a good addition to the X-Men universe.

Which of course goes against Jackman’s original remarks that he thinks Channing Tatum should take over as Logan — probably because he had yet to be announced as Gambit at the time.

Regardless of who (if anyone) the studio chooses to replace Jackman with, the actor joked that they will definitely go with someone younger.

Hey Fox, just wait until after the fan-written Wolverine 3 wraps, okay? There’s a reason you hired Hugh Jackman, and it’s because he’s the best at what he does.

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